Lottie Hearn

Lottie Hearn + Book Cover

Lottie Hearn is the Confidence on Camera Coach helping you present your #BraveBiz Power on any size screen.

She’s been an actor, TV presenter, trainer and #BraveBiz person for over 25 years now and having just launched her practical guidebook “Confidence on Camera”, a Hodges and Figgis Best Seller earlier this month, Lottie is now all about helping YOU to plan, present and promote your videos and virtual self to boost your business to a bigger market, using the quickest and easiest video tools around.


Whether you’re DIY or PIY, starting out on camera and don’t know what/ why/ how or who, or you’re “done” video before but they’re not getting the traction and making the impact you want, NOW is the time to Get Brave on Screen!

Lottie will run a live, highly interactive www.Confidenceon.Camera coaching session for the Brave who know that video, vlogs, vmails and virtual meetings are THE way to reach your wider community and build your virtual Tribe, but for whom the thought of getting on camera is more a camera-nightmare than a biz-screen-stardom dream! In the session you’ll learn how to create your own Confidence, Credibility and Charisma on screen to truly connect through the camera to your viewer, to help them to like, trust and believe in you, so they end up doing what you want them to do after watching you.

From Periscope to Blab to video alternatives – come with your challenges to this workshop style talk.


And have no fear, you’re in safe hands – Lottie is also the President of the Professional Speaking Association Ireland Branch for 2015-16, so she knows how to encourage you to take to the stage. So come get #Playful on stage at #BraveBizConf and learn to #BeFlawsome on screen!



Connect with Lottie here:

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