Tom Stone

tom stoneTom is an Award Winning Global Marketeer that has worked both agency and now client-side in the world of Marketing for just under a decade.

In his client-side experience, he has worked in both Global and Local Marketing brand roles across highly differentiated FMCG categories and has has managed multiple multi-million NPD projects to market by inspiring teams to deliver outstanding business results.

Agency-side, he worked with highly differentiated FMCG companies in Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser, as well as working with telecommunication giants O2, and their start up sister firm giffgaff.

He has a BSc in Management and Strategy from Aston University and has recently become a mentor for the UpReach charity.

He is currently working with Unilever as Brand Manager on Dove, Vaseline and Radox Deodorants within the UK & Ireland.

Marketing Cheats for Start Ups

What if I was to tell you that you could tomorrow implement skills and techniques that world class brand marketeers at no additional cost?

In a world of jargon, experts, opinion and knowledge – entrepreneurs and start ups are often puzzled when it comes to the correct marketing plan and strategy to deliver growth for their business.

Tom’s talk will outline key tools, tricks and services that you may have missed and will equip you with the knowledge to upskill your Marketing skill set for your businesses’ benefit. Critically, if done smartly, some of these tools can be implemented at absolutely no additional cost to your business.

Marketing Cheats for Start Ups is a session that is delivered with passion, enthusiasm and most importantly a sense of reality.

Actionable skills that your business can then benefit from being the key focus from this session.